Fly Swatter 3000 Volt Bug Zapper

Our extremely powerful Fly Swatter 3000 Volt Bug Zapper kills flies and insects instantly.  One powerful zap with this bug zapper leaves no mess!

5 Reasons Bug Zapper Buyers Love the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt

Are you tired of pesky bugs invading your space? Look no further than the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt. This innovative tool is not just your average fly swatter; it packs a powerful punch at 3000 volts to zap those bothersome insects away. Discover five compelling reasons why bug zapper buyers are falling in love with the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt and why you should add this game-changer to your arsenal against bugs.

Unveiling the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt

The Power Behind the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt

The Fly Swatter 3000 Volt stands out due to its robust voltage capacity. This isn’t a traditional fly swatter that relies on your strength alone; it’s engineered to deliver a substantial electrical charge to instantly neutralize bugs. When an insect comes into contact with the swatter, the 3000 volts ensure it’s taken care of quickly and effectively. This level of power is particularly effective against the hardier insects that seem impervious to other swatters. With the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt, you’re not just swatting—you’re delivering a decisive blow every time. This power advantage is crucial for users who want to ensure their efforts are not in vain and that their living or working spaces are kept bug-free with minimal effort.

A Fly Swatter Redefining Efficiency

Efficiency is key in any pest control solution, and the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt excels in this area. Unlike traditional methods that can require multiple swats or the use of chemicals, this fly swatter gets the job done with a single press of a button. It’s designed for ease of use, allowing you to take out several insects with one swing. This means less time spent chasing after bugs and more time enjoying a pest-free environment. Additionally, the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt is rechargeable, which means you won’t have to worry about buying batteries regularly. This feature not only saves time and money but also makes it an eco-friendlier option. By choosing the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt, you are opting for a tool that embodies efficiency in both design and function, simplifying your bug control routine dramatically.

Why Bug Zapper Buyers are Switching

The Fly Swatter 3000 Volt’s Superior Performance

The superior performance of the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt explains why buyers are making the switch from traditional bug zappers. With its high voltage output, this fly swatter offers an immediate and satisfying response to bug intrusions, outperforming many bug zappers that often take longer to attract and kill pests. Users report a noticeable decrease in flying insects almost instantly after deploying the swatter. The Fly Swatter 3000 Volt also boasts a larger surface area, which increases the chances of contact and eliminates the need for precise aiming. Durability is another aspect where this product excels; it’s built to withstand the rigors of regular use, ensuring long-term effectiveness. In essence, the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt delivers on the promise of performance, offering a quick, reliable, and durable solution to bug problems.

The Unprecedented Convenience of the Fly Swatter

One of the main reasons bug zapper buyers are switching to the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt is the unprecedented convenience it offers. This fly swatter is lightweight and portable, which means you can easily take it anywhere bugs might be a nuisance — from the kitchen to the backyard barbecue. Unlike stationary bug zappers that need to be plugged in, the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt provides the freedom to move around and target insects directly. Its ergonomic design ensures that anyone can use it comfortably, without strain or discomfort during extended use. The convenience extends to maintenance as well; cleaning is a breeze, thanks to its simple design with fewer crevices for bugs to get stuck in. With this level of convenience, it’s not surprising that more and more consumers are choosing the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt for their pest control needs.

The Fly Swatter 3000 Volt: Your Best Investment

Money-Saving in the Long Run

Investing in the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt is not only a wise choice for immediate bug control but also a smart financial decision for the long term. Traditional bug zappers and fly swatters often require frequent replacements or ongoing costs like electricity and chemical attractants. The Fly Swatter 3000 Volt, on the other hand, is a one-time purchase with no hidden expenses. Its rechargeable battery means you won’t be spending money on disposables, and its sturdy construction ensures it will last for many seasons without needing replacement. By reducing the need for costly insecticides and other pest control methods, this fly swatter can save you a considerable amount of money over time. Moreover, its effectiveness means fewer bugs and less damage to your property, potentially saving you on home repair costs. All these factors make the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt a financially sound choice for conscious buyers.

An Eco-Friendly Choice for Modern Consumers

The Fly Swatter 3000 Volt is not just a financially savvy investment; it’s also an eco-friendly option that resonates with modern consumers who are concerned about the environment. Traditional pest control methods often involve chemicals that can be harmful to both humans and wildlife. By using a physical approach to pest control, the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt eliminates the need for these toxins, reducing your ecological footprint. Additionally, because the device is rechargeable, it cuts down on battery waste, further contributing to its green credentials. The durability of the product means less frequent replacements and, consequently, less waste. For consumers looking to make responsible choices that align with a sustainable lifestyle, the Fly Swatter 3000 Volt is an excellent choice. It allows you to manage pests effectively while still being kind to the planet.

Forget about smashing insects on the walls or scratching your skin raw while trying to get some downtime.  Our powerful 3000 volt electric fly swatter takes care of those pesky insects for you.

Whether you are inside your home or relaxing in outside, simply swing our electric fly swatter to get rid of annoying insects.  Our high voltage electric fly swatter takes care of this problem with a delightful sizzle.  The electric fly swatter also features a zapper at the end of the racket to help make swatting insects easy.

electric fly swatter

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Perfect for killing fleas on dogs and cats

Our mosquito bug zapper makes it easy to get rid of all those pesky dog fleas that make your pet uncomfortable.  Simply run the insect zapper over your dog’s fur and watch it kill those biting fleas.

3000 Volt Fly Swatter For Camping

Camping can now be enjoyable with our electric bug zapper.  Just wave our bug zapper racket between yourself and the insects to instantly zap them.

3000 Volt Fly Swatter Features

4″ zap strip on the end of the electronic insect killer designed to zap bugs along door frames, sliding in small hard to reach areas and ceiling corners.

Built in LED bug zapper light to zap bugs and mosquitoes at night or in dark corners.

Bait tray attachment which you can set out pieces of meat or fruit to attract insects.

Included hand rope allowing you to hang the indoor bug zapper and automatically zap bugs for as long as you like or to tie around hand for extra grip.

Protective screens on both sides of the electrode to protect you from accidentally shocking your fingers.

Safety drain down system, shutting power down within 10 seconds, so you dont get shocked after zapper is turned off.

On / off button.  Press the button to activate net / release button to de-activate net.  The red light indicates the net is “hot” (on).

Extremely lightweight 3000 volt bug zapper

Takes 2 “D” batteries and gives off a 3000 volt charge

Our Electric Fly Swatter Kills the following insects on contact

Yellow Jackets
Bed Bugs

Carpenter Bees
Black Bees
Horse Flies
Deer flies, and many more bugs and insects!

electric fly swatter

Get rid of pesky insects today!

Electric Fly Swatter Helpful Information

When an irritating insect is flying near you, just hit it, as you would a tennis ball.  There are dual large capacitors that hold 3000 volts of zapping power to kill insects but low amperage that allows alkaline batteries to power hundreds of hours of zapping time.

When a bee, hornet, horse fly etc. is buzzing back and forth near your body, put the zapper head near you, so the head is between you and the insect.  Swing out and away from your body.  If there are bees or flies hovering above your food, put the zapper head between the food and the bees and bring the head up quickly to zap them.

If the insect is in a horizontal corner between the ceiling and the wall, in a vertical corner where two walls meet, on a window, where it meets the frame or under an appliance or furniture, directly up on the ceiling or on the floor, just use the zapping area on the end of the head.  Move slowly until close then move the head quickly.  Slide the head lightly and quickly along the corners.

electric fly swatter

Special Sale only $24.95
Order in the next 29 minutes and get FREE SHIPPING!


Fast same day shipping – 2-3 day delivery

This is a tool, not a toy.  Keep out of reach of children under 8 years old.

Use inside or outside in dry weather.

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