Electronic Insect Killer

Our extremely powerful 3000 volt electronic insect killer kills flies and insects instantly.  One powerful zap with this bug zapper leaves no mess!

5 Reasons Why Our Electronic Insect Killer is a Must-Have for Insect Bite Victims

Are pesky insects ruining your outdoor experience? Our Electronic Insect Killer is the ultimate solution for insect bite victims, providing a revolutionary way to combat bugs effectively. Say goodbye to irritating insects with this innovative bug zapper that ensures a bug-free environment for you to enjoy. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the top five reasons why our Electronic Insect Killer is a must-have for anyone tired of dealing with pesky insects. Get ready to reclaim your outdoor space and live bug-free with this groundbreaking technology.

Unveiling the Electronic Insect Killer

Transforming the Fight Against Insects

The Electronic Insect Killer is a game-changer for those who are frequent targets of insect bites. Traditional methods of repelling insects are often ineffective and inconvenient, involving sprays that can be messy and scented candles that must be replaced frequently. Our Electronic Insect Killer offers a transformative solution by providing continuous, silent, and hands-free protection. Its innovative design uses ultraviolet light to lure insects into an electric grid, eliminating them quickly and hygienically. This approach not only ensures that insects are dealt with effectively but also does so without the use of chemicals that can harm the environment or cause discomfort to you and your family. The Electronic Insect Killer is designed to make your fight against insects effortless and efficient, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities without the constant bother of bugs.

Embrace the Revolution: Bug Zapper

The bug zapper represents a revolutionary leap in the way we control insects. Our Electronic Insect Killer stands at the forefront of this revolution, changing the landscape of outdoor living spaces. It’s not just about killing bugs; it’s about enhancing your quality of life. With this bug zapper, you’re not only preventing insect bites but also protecting your family from the diseases that insects can carry. The device is easy to install and can cover a significant area, making it an excellent choice for both small patios and larger backyards. Its operation is simple yet effective—plug it in, turn it on, and watch as it works its magic, providing peace of mind and allowing you to savor your time outdoors without the nuisance of insects. Embrace this modern solution and step into a world where bug bites are a thing of the past.

Why the Electronic Insect Killer is Essential

Say Goodbye to Insect Bites

Insect bites can be more than just a nuisance; they can disrupt your life. That’s where the Electronic Insect Killer steps in—it’s essential for anyone seeking relief from the annoyance and potential health risks of insect bites. This device ensures that your outdoor experiences are not marred by the discomfort of itchy, swollen bites or the worry of insect-borne illnesses. By creating a protective shield around your living area, the Electronic Insect Killer intercepts and eliminates insects before they come close enough to bite. It’s a proactive approach to insect control, providing continuous defense so you can enjoy your time outside with confidence. The effectiveness of this insect killer means that outdoor gatherings, leisurely evenings, and family activities can proceed without the constant swatting and concern. With our Electronic Insect Killer, saying goodbye to insect bites is as easy as turning on a switch.

Boosting Confidence with Insect-Free Spaces

An insect-free space is not just a physical comfort; it’s a mental one as well. The presence of the Electronic Insect Killer in your outdoor areas boosts confidence, knowing that you’ve taken a strong stance against pests. No longer will you have to worry about the buzz of mosquitoes or the sight of bugs near your food during a backyard barbecue. This assurance extends beyond personal comfort to the well-being of guests and family members, as everyone can relax and engage more freely without the distraction of insects. This confidence is especially crucial for businesses in the hospitality industry, where a bug-free environment can significantly enhance customer experience and satisfaction. The Electronic Insect Killer not only protects your space but also contributes to a serene ambiance, allowing for uninterrupted enjoyment of your time outdoors. It’s a simple addition that can make an immense difference in how you perceive and use your outdoor spaces.

Making the Smart Choice with Our Electronic Insect Killer

A Game-Changer for Insect Bite Victims

For those who suffer from insect bites, our Electronic Insect Killer is a game-changer. The effectiveness of our product in eliminating insects is a major relief for bite victims who have tried everything from topical creams to antihistamines with little to no success. The insect killer works by preemptively dealing with the problem, removing the need for after-bite treatments altogether. Those with sensitive skin or allergies will find particular value in this product, as it negates the need for applying chemicals to the skin that can potentially cause irritation or adverse reactions. Moreover, the ease of use and low maintenance make it a smart choice for anyone who wants to minimize their interactions with insects without additional effort. Investing in our Electronic Insect Killer means taking a stand against insect bites and choosing a life with less itching and more comfort.

Unleashing the Power of Effective Insect Control

Choosing our Electronic Insect Killer is about unleashing the power of effective insect control in your own hands. This device is engineered to tackle the most persistent of pests with ease and finesse, offering a solution that is both robust and reliable. The technology behind our insect killer is designed to target a wide range of flying insects, ensuring that your environment remains free from the ones that bite and bother you the most. With its high-voltage electric grid and UV light attraction system, the killer operates silently in the background, requiring no intervention once it’s set up. This means you can focus on your outdoor activities or relax indoors without giving a second thought to insect control. It’s a smart investment for those who value their comfort and safety, providing a layer of protection that’s both invisible and impenetrable. Unleash this power in your space and experience the difference it makes.

Forget about smashing insects on the walls or scratching your skin raw when you are trying to get some downtime.  Our powerful 3000 volt electric fly swatter takes care of those pesky insects for you.

Whether you are inside your home or relaxing in outside, simply swing our electric fly swatter to get rid of annoying insects.  Our high voltage electric fly swatter takes care of this problem with a delightful sizzle.  The electric fly swatter also features a zapper at the end of the racket to help make swatting insects easy.

electric fly swatter

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Perfect for killing fleas on dogs and cats

Our electronic insect killer makes it easy to get rid of all those pesky dog fleas that make your pet uncomfortable.  Simply run the insect zapper over your dog’s fur and watch it kill those biting fleas.

Electronic Insect Killer For Camping

Camping can now be enjoyable with our mosquito bug zapper.  Just wave our bug zapper racket between yourself and the insects to instantly zap them.

Electronic Insect Killer Features

4″ zap strip on the end of indoor bug zapper designed to zap bugs along door frames, sliding in small hard to reach areas and ceiling corners.

Built in LED bug zapper light to zap bugs and mosquitoes at night or in dark corners.

Bait tray attachment which you can set out pieces of meat or fruit to attract insects.

Included hand rope allowing you to hang the zapper and automatically zap bugs for as long as you like or to tie around hand for extra grip.

Protective screens on both sides of the electrode to protect you from accidentally shocking your fingers.

Safety drain down system, shutting power down within 10 seconds, so you dont get shocked after the insect zapper is turned off.

On / off button.  Press the button to activate net / release button to de-activate net.  The red light indicates the net is “hot” (on).

Extremely lightweight 3000 volt bug zapper

Takes 2 “D” batteries and gives off a 3000 volt charge

Our Electric Fly Swatter Kills the following insects on contact

Yellow Jackets
Bed Bugs

Carpenter Bees
Black Bees
Horse Flies
Deer flies, and many more bugs and insects!

electric fly swatter

Get rid of pesky insects today!

Electric Fly Swatter Helpful Information

When an irritating insect is flying near you, just hit it, as you would a tennis ball.  There are dual large capacitors that hold 3000 volts of zapping power to kill insects but low amperage that allows alkaline batteries to power hundreds of hours of zapping time.

When a bee, hornet, horse fly etc. is buzzing back and forth near your body, put the zapper head near you, so the head is between you and the insect.  Swing out and away from your body.  If there are bees or flies hovering above your food, put the zapper head between the food and the bees and bring the head up quickly to zap them.

If the insect is in a horizontal corner between the ceiling and the wall, in a vertical corner where two walls meet, on a window, where it meets the frame or under an appliance or furniture, directly up on the ceiling or on the floor, just use the zapping area on the end of the head.  Move slowly until close then move the head quickly.  Slide the head lightly and quickly along the corners.

electric fly swatter

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Fast same day shipping – 2-3 day delivery

This is a tool, not a toy.  Keep out of reach of children under 8 years old.

Use inside or outside in dry weather.


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