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2400 Volt Bug Zapper Electronic Mosquito Killer

Our 2400 Volt Bug Zapper is by far our most powerful portable handheld bug zapper. Our patented insect killer is the only bug zapper that is strong enough to kill the tiniest of insects such as bed bugs, lice, gnats, and others. On the end of our powerful mosquito zapper, we designed a 4" long mini zapper strip that allows you to easily zap bugs and insects in the corners of walls and ceilings. Simply slide our electronic bug zapper along door frames or between cabinets and youll hear the popping as you instantly kill all the insects. The zapper is designed with so much power, the insects actually explode, eliminating any foul smells you end up with when smashing a bug by hand.

Our bug zapper is around 21 inches long, compared to other cheaply made zapper which are half as big and kill not near as many insects. Built in LED light, gives you the ability to zap mosquitoes in the dark or insects in hard to see small areas. What really makes our bug zapper stand out from the competition, is that you can also use it as a hanging bug zapper. Simply turn the LED light on, and hang the zapper in the air while all the insects are zapped automatically for you.

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A unique feeding tray was designed to slip over, so you could use pieces of  meat, fruit or bits of food to bait the insects. Also comes with a rope to easily hang the zapper anywhere you like, or to wrap around your hand to keep a better grip while swinging.

The power button is a very nice feature on our bug zapper. You simply push the button once, and it will keep the zapper on the entire time, so you dont end up with sore fingers keeping the button pushed in the entire time. When youre done using it, just click the power button to turn off. With other mosquito zappers, they can be very dangerous and will keep a charge long after the zapper is turned off, injuring animals and kids. Our mosquito zapper is specially designed with a drain down five capacitor system, which shuts down within 10 seconds of turning zapper off. The electronic bug zapper is made with protective screens on each side of the center electrode, preventing someone from accidentally getting shocked using it.

Our 2400 Volt Handheld Bug Zapper is able to easily kill all the following insects:

Kills Flees, Lice, Bed Bugs, Gnats, Fruit Flies, Mosquitoes, Fire Ants when they are stirred up and the zapper is laid on the nest, small and large Roaches, House Flies, May Flies, Deer Flies, Horse Flies, Yellow Jacket Bees, Carpenter Bees, Hornets, Spiders, Centipedes and Moths.

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2400 Volt Bug Zapper
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